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Entropion (in turning) of the eyelid is a very common issue among the elderly.

Patient - 1


This 65 year old lady was referred to us for in-turning of her right lower eyelid, which is known as Entropion of the eyelid. Below are her pre-operative and 3 months post-surgery images.

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Patient - 2


This patient is a 70 year old woman who underwent right lower eyelid entropion correction under local anaesthesia and surprised us with unusually fast healing!

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Entropion (in turning) of the eyelid is a very common issue among the elderly. In this age group the entropion usually occurs due weakening of the eyelid structures.

The patient experiences symptoms of eye irritation, watering, foreign body sensation due to the lashes constantly rubbing on the cornea with every blink. In cases not treated early, complications like corneal infections and ulcer may arise, which can lead to permanent decrease in vision or worse still the infection can spread in the internal parts of the eye.

Surgery entails repositioning of the loose structures such that the eyelid regains its normal position again without any in or out turn.

Surgery is done under local anaesthesia as a day care procedure and takes an hour approximately.

More patient cases

Patient - 3


This 79 year old patient developed repeated corneal infections due to lower lid entropion. These are her pictures pre-operatively and day 5 post surgery.

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