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Blind - Eye

Cosmetic rehabilitation of the blind eye.

Patient - 1


A shy woman in her early thirties came to our centre looking for options for her right eye. She had lost vision in her right eye due to an injury in her childhood. She wore an ill-fitting prosthesis in that eye (as seen on photos on the left side). She preferred to stay indoors locked in her room, avoiding people, gatherings, and festivities.

She underwent a surgery for placing an implant in the right socket, and for deepening the space in the lower part. In medical terms, surgery performed was an Evisceration with PMMA implant and an inferior fornix forming suture. Surgery took an hour, was done under local anaesthesia as a day care procedure.

Two months after complete healing, our Ocularist performed fitting of the customised ocular prosthesis matching her normal left eye. Do note that the customised ocular prosthesis will have 60-70% movement range as compared to normal eye in every patient who undergoes this procedure. But the main goal of achieving a ‘normal’ look in while looking straight ahead is well accomplished in most cases.

Ever since the surgery, the patient smiles more, walks tall, the shoulder droop disappeared, she talks incessantly, laughs aloud, has been wearing eye makeup regularly, is the life of any festivities in her family and neighbourhood, travels afar to attend every family wedding. So yes, this cosmetic/aesthetic procedure did end up having massive impact on our patient and her lifestyle.

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Patient - 2

blind eye

This young man approached us for cosmetic rehabilitation of his left blind eye. He became blind in that eye after an infection in childhood. B scan revealed extensive internal eye damage and there was no potential for vision. Further he had episodes of pain and redness in the eye intermittently. We suggested an Evisceration with implant followed by a customized ocular prosthesis fitting.

The first picture shows him during his first visit. The second picture is a week after the surgery.

The customised ocular prosthesis was fitted six weeks after surgery, after complete healing of the surgery site, to match the other normal eye.

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More patient cases

Patient - 3

Blind Eye

This child had to undergo eye removal for Retinoblastoma, which is a common paediatric eye cancer. After six cycles of chemotherapy the child then had a customized ocular prosthesis fitted.

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