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Blepharoplasty is the plastic surgery operation for correcting defects, deformities, and disfigurations of the eyelids; and for aesthetically modifying the eye region of the face.

Patient - 1


Eyelid fat bags today....gone tomorrow!

This wonderful gentleman underwent transconjunctival blepharoplasty last year.

While blepharoplasty is a cosmetic surgery, we realized how much it impacted him personally, when he shared the following with us:

"Ever since the surgery, I find myself looking very often into the mirror and it makes me very happy. I feel motivated to now take better care of myself and my health. I have started exercising more too!"

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Patient - 2


This young woman complained of right eyelid droop and wanted that corrected. As a person habituated to aggressive rubbing of eyes since her teens, over the years she developed this picture.

Diagnosing the source of the lesion/bump is crucial in management and to know ways to prevent it in future.

Dr. Anuradha Ayyar performed an eyelid tightening procedure for the upper and lower eyelid, manipulating the structures back into position to restore her youthful look. Just a plain right upper eyelid droop correction would not have done justice to her.

In medical terms a bilateral levator tightening with upper lid mini-blepharoplasty+minimally invasive lateral canthoplasty+lower lid retractor release was done under local anesthesia.

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Patient - 3


This 26 year old woman had been suffering from repeated eyelid swellings which would come and go randomly since 12 years. Over time her eyelid skin had started to sag and her eyelids appeared droopy. She continued to suffer the episodes of eyelid swelling.

After thorough examination and tests, Dr. Ayyar diagnosed her to be suffering from a condition called blepharochalasis.

She was recommended eyelid tightening and drooply lid correction in same sitting through a cosmetic upper eyelid hidden incision. The advantage of an upper eyelid blpeharoplasty was for cosmetic as well as therapeutic purposes here.

With this surgery, the episodes of eyelid swelling would reduce as per research. She underwent the surgery. and as predicted the number of episodes of eyelid swelling and severity dramatically reduced and her eyelid contour improved.

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Common reasons for blepharoplasty

Opting for eyelid surgery of the upper or lower (or both) eyelids can be for a number of reasons including: Difficulty in opening eyes Vision concerns Bags under the eyes Cosmetic reasons As part of an overall facial lift Note that while this procedure is quite common, it should only be done by a registered Oculoplastic surgeon who is adequately trained in matters of the eyes and eyelids minimal risk.

Preparing for surgery

To schedule a surgery, you will need to consult an eye specialist and Oculoplastic surgeon for a routine examination. Here, you will be asked about your medical history and your main reasons for opting for the surgery. You will then likely undergo a physical examination to assess the situation, a vision examination followed by photographs of your eyelids to help in planning the surgery. Keep in mind that certain medicines should not be consumed during surgery such as anti-platlet agents etc. In case you are on any medication, be sure to tell the doctor in advance so that they can advise you if any need to be stopped before the surgery.

The procedure

The time for the surgery will depend on whether you are opting for an upper or lower eyelid surgery or both, but typically last for a couple of hours with you being able to leave the facility few hours after surgery, on the same day. When correcting the upper eyelid, the surgeon will make a cut along your eyelid line and remove the excess fat and skin before closing the cut with stitches. For the lower eyelid, the incision may be made close to the eyelash line or along the inner aspect of the eyelid (transconjunctival approach which is more common) from where the excess fat and skin is removed and then sealed. If you are opting for correction in both eyelids, the surgeon will most likely work on the upper eyelid first and then the lower eyelid.

Post-operative care

After the procedure, the doctor will advise you certain care tips to help with any symptoms and promote faster recovery. These may include: Eye drops or lubricating gels to counter excessive dryness Ice packs for the eyes to combat swelling Sleeping in an elevated position Minimising exposure to sun and air with high-tinted sunglasses No strenuous activity for a couple of weeks No smoking Certain medicines that could increase bleeding may be started after few days post the surgery No wearing contact lenses While slight discomfort and swelling are normal for a week or two, in case any symptom persists or is severe, be sure to consult your doctor immediately. Note that the skin around the eyes is quite delicate, so avoid rubbing it harshly or using strong chemicals around the area. So, if you find your confidence diminishing every time you see sagging skin or fat-bags in lower eyelid around your eyes, consult an experienced Oculoplastic surgeon and they are sure to have you looking and feeling younger in no time.

More patient cases

Patient - 4


This 59 year old woman consulted us for the unsightly upper eyelid yellow lesions. She also complained of a disturbance in her vision due to sagging of upper eyelid.

After detailed consultation we proceeded with excision (removal) of the sebaceous cysts and xanthelasma (lipid in eyelid skin) in both eyelids with a conservative upper eyelid blepharoplasty to remove the excess skin without causing too much alteration in her appearance.

Patient healed well post surgery and had both problems sorted in single sitting.

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Patient - 5


39 year old hypothyroid woman felt she looked much older than her age and that her eyelids look swoollen.

After ensuring her thyroid levels were normal consistently for 6 months, she underwent a upper eyelid and lower eyelid blepharoplasty under local anesthesia.

The upper eyelid incision was a cosemtic hidden one in her eyelid fold. the lower eyelid fat was removed from behind the eyelid, making this part of the surgery stitchless and scarless.

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