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We offer comprehensive eye care services that include detailed vision examination, diagnostic services for cataract, and diabetes retina screening among others. We also have in- house optic services and a wide range of customised eye ware to suit your needs.

  • Oculoplasty - plastic and reconstructive surgery of the periorbital and facial tissues

    Oculoplastics: disorders of the eyelids and tissues around the eyes.

    Orbital surgery: full range of disorders affecting the orbit including tumours, fractures and thyroid eye disease, among others.

    Dacryology: tear duct problems.

    Socket reconstruction: blind eye cosmetic rehabilitation, mucous membrane grafts, etc.

  • Facial Aesthetics - surgical and non-surgical modalities for facial aesthetics.

    Botox & fillers

    Wrinkle treatment

    Volume loss

    Upper eye lid fold creation

    Removal of cholesterol deposit in eyelid

    Eyelid lift: eyelid fat removal, saggy eyelid correction

    Our main motivation when working in this field is that our patient should look and feel good and receive plenty of compliments from their loved ones with subtle changes that boost their confidence.

  • Ocular Oncology - diagnosis and treatment of eye cancer.

    Ocular Oncology

    Eye cancer is a serious condition that requires highly specialised care. The doctors, known as Ocular Oncologists, in our center are expertly trained in the diagnosis and treatment of eye cancer.

    Here, the disease could be present within the eye, eyelid, ocular surface or orbit. A timely consultation with a specialised Ocular Oncologist can aid successful results. Our center provides leading edge consultation with highly qualified eye cancer specialists, a branch that still does not have many experts in the field!

Meet The Doctor

Dr. Anuradha Ayyar



Dr. Anuradha Ayyar is an Ophthalmologist specialising in Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery as her core area of expertise since 2013. She completed long term Fellowship training in Oculoplasty, Orbital Surgery, Facial Aesthetics, Ocular Oncology and Dacryology from the esteemed L.V. Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad. Her postgraduate Ophthalmology training has been from the prestigious Aravind Eye Hospital, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu.

Post her fellowship, she enhanced her skills further through multiple observerships abroad including one with a Facial Plastic Surgeon at Moran Eye Center, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. During her time as a fellow she was very actively involved in research, teaching and has presented her papers at international, national, state levels many times.

In 2017, she took the plunge into private practice to solely focus on Oculoplastics, Orbital, Ocular Oncology and Facial aesthetics. She has considerable expertise in managing simple to complex disorders of the eyelids, orbits, socket, and allied structures. She has also acquired experience in corrective surgeries for patients who have been operated elsewhere previously with sub-optimal results.

Dr. Ayyar believes in a thorough approach in her practice that includes a very detailed history taking, that assesses aspects of the patient’s lifestyle as well, and clinical examination with allied investigations as may be needed. A good surgical result is always due to the combined effort of the surgical team and the patient and their caretakers- is a dictum she always reminds her patients. Clear, succinct communication regarding the condition ailing the patient; transparency in treatment plan, and realistic expectations are the key pillars of her practice.

Dr. Ayyar has her own practice in Thane city and also consults at the top tertiary care hospitals in the area.

A student forever, she spends her free time practicing the violin, learning Indian classical dance, writing, trekking or painting. A passionate animal rights activist, she has been a vegan since 2018.


Why choose us

Eye care is a vast field wherein each aspect requires specialty care. At OASES we are trained and focussed on Oculoplasty making us the super specialty hospital for all such needs. A lot of times our patients have come back to us in gratitude as treatment under specialty care can offer much better results in a faster manner. Here are some of the reasons that set OASES apart from any other center.

We offer a detailed analysis to each patient and devote adequate time to answer all their questions, every time. Our practice extends to all age groups and covers routine eye exams to super speciality services.

The hospital has been designed with care to offer a relaxed ambience and gives the feel of an art studio. Elderly patients, children and even those with a severe ailment feel comfortable and relaxed here.

A major USP that is not common is that our hospital is among the minimal to have a ground floor road entrance. In addition, we also offer disability friendly services. We have a lift access and two staircases in case of any emergency. The entrance is equipped with a ramp for a wheelchair thus ensuring comfort and safety at all times.